Clifford Brown on “Split Kick” 1954

For the first non-saxophone solo on this page I’m posting my transcription of Clifford Brown on “Split Kick” which is a contrafact on the classic tune “There Will Never Be Another You.” I’ve also included a version with notes written in to help point out some of what he’s doing. You really have to check out the record and try to get into his time feel and articulation. Happy practicing!

Clifford Brown on Split Kick 1954

Clifford Brown on Split Kick 1954 (Notes)


Cannonball Adderley on “Poor Butterfly” 1959

I learned this solo by ear and memorized it before I ever had the idea to (attempt to) notate it! More than any other aspect I’m taken aback by the rhythms in this solo. The level of detail and variety is stunning. At times it feels like there’s an eternity between 8th notes, and at times the notes seem to tumble out faster than you could possibly notate accurately.  I’ve attempted to fit the rhythms to the Western ‘grid’ as closely as I can, but many of them don’t fit accurately. In addition to the Eb transcription I’ve added a Bb part (written for tenor saxophone basically,) and a concert pitch part which sounds an octave up from the recording. Hope you enjoy!

Poor Butterfly Eb

Poor Butterfly Bb

Poor Butterfly Concert